I figure that the only way to transform out of something old and patterned is to view choice as a moment of matter for you. You. Me. We are meant for possibility. For some, new choices seem just out of reach, just out of harmony with the record that blares out over it all. For others, it’s not as far a reach as they think.

My son is 18 and a senior. He isn’t used to deciding bigger things that will come to his plate. I don’t remember learning this part of life’s fabric, just doing it. You decide stuff and call it good. I do remember learning the disappointment of deceit– not all information has to get relayed to you. The biggest thing I did know instinctively was that using time well meant claiming moments of my own.

Comfort with oneself matters. And there’s plenty that we have to reject in our thoughts that will set us free to do just that.

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Hello World!

These are the first words I saw when starting up this blog. Why today? It just happened. I’m writing it because I’m interested in people……and your stories……and progressing through those stories. In other words, progression.

We have to progress and I suppose I’m just looking for people who want to do the same. Yes, we have our stories and what we learned in them has come in handy in some respects. Some of the sensitivities and fears I learned, moved me to travel across the US in 1985, finally finding a home in Washington. Leaving the East was one good step for me for many reasons and it was my background that pushed me to that response.

Do I have need for all those fears and sensitivities now? No. Do they come in handy now? No. Now I need to progress out of them and unzip to expose the new skin– the skin that God pushes and breathes into me to grow into. It takes courage. It takes acts in unfamiliar territory, responses, thoughts, behaviors.

Evolve. That’s what I want to do. Write a book. That’s another. Help. That’s another. Join hands. That’s another. Change. Yup. Does my story have a place? Yes. Does yours? Yes. Do I own a belief in God? Yes. I don’t do this alone. None of us do. And we have to start somewhere.

I want to learn together, though, because I believe we all help each other. There is nothing that’s impossible. We limit ourselves. I’m sure of that. I just wanted some place for us to talk and challenge each other, care about each other, and grow. We belong alongside each other. That’s what matters.

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